Governance Statements

Governance Statement  31.2.21

Audit – Public Rights Notice

Council Tax 2021-22 statement

Accounting Statements

Accounting Statement_31.3.21

Unaudited Accounts Statement

Audit – Public Rights Notice

Accounting Statements 31-3-20


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Approved Budget w.e.f.1-4-21


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Final Accounts 31-3-20

Accounts – Year End 31-3-19

Precept Request

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Precept Request Form 20-21

Precept Request 2019-20

Auditor’s Reports

INTERNAL Audit Report 31.3.21: Unaudited Accounts Statement

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Conclusion of Audit 2019-20 Conclusion of Audit 2018-19

PKF Interim Report 18-19

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AGAR Section 2 amended Nov 2019

Public Notice of Audit Pg1

Public Notice of Audit Pg2

Public Notice of Audit Pg 3

Public Notice of Audit Pg4

Public Notice of Audit Pg 5

Public Notice of Audit Pg 6


Financial Regulations

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Financial Regulations April 2018

Risk Management

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Risk Assessments 2018-19

Assets Register

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Standing Orders

Standing Orders June 2018