stansted-mountfitchet-parish-council-meetingThe Council’s work is carried out largely through official council meetings. All council meetings are held on Wednesday evenings at 7:45pm in our offices at Crafton Green or in the Day Centre.

All meetings are open to the public and press. At Full Council, where all planning applications are considered, the public have an opportunity at the start of the meeting to address the Council.

The Council is a statutory consultee on planning applications but not the decision maker. For the Civic Year 2019-20 our Chairman is Maureen Caton and her Vice-Chairman is Fran Richards

The Council has a number of committees to assist it in its work. The Finance and General Purposes Committee – Chairman John O’Brien- is responsible for all financial matters and preparation of the budget. It also looks after lighting issues. The majority of street lights in the village are owned by the Parish Council.

The Open Spaces Committee – Chairman Alan Barnes – is responsible for our play areas, the cemetery, footpaths, gardening and grass cutting. There is also a recently formed Highways sub-committee which is working in association with the County Council on issues such as parking. The Windmill sub-committee – Chairman John O’Brien – looks after the fabric of the mill along with a voluntary group known as The Millers.

Our Standing Orders were adopted in May 2019. The Coronavirus outbreak prevented their review in May 2020. The next prospective re-assessment of our standing orders will be completed by May 2021. This is dependent on the course of the on-going pandemic.