Crafton Green Community Hub – Update

    Dear all – an update on our building project:
    Following payment of the settlement to the third party’s solicitors in November, we were hoping work would have re-started by the time the Link (our village magazine) went out this month.  However, it has taken quite some time for our contractors to go through the detailed specification to identify areas where we could save money on the project as costs have increased during the delay period.  We had a meeting on Friday to go through these and are now awaiting the revised final contract cost.  We also had to consider whether any of the cost-saving suggestions would actually incur an additional cost in terms of revised drawings and additional time required by our architects and Quantity Surveyor (fortunately this is not the case).
    However, the other main reason that they are not yet back on site is that the temperatures have been too low.  Regardless of what other developers may do during the winter, our contractors work under the “National Building Specification” which means that concrete should not be laid, and walls not built, when the temperature is consistently below 4C.  The next stage of our project is to lay the concrete slab and build the block-work walls.  They will not return to work until the temperature gets above this level as, if they did, any guarantees they give on the work would be void.  You can imagine what would happen if we had gone back to work and then cracks appeared in the building …… The conclusion on Friday was that they should be back by Easter.
    Last, and by no means least, the third party has only recently signed the legal agreement to release his rights over our land – Nockolds confirmed this last week.  We were concerned about re-starting prior to signature of the document also in case any last minute hitches were encountered which meant the document would not be signed – belt and braces approach.