Flood and Water Management Survey- Volunteers Needed

    Stansted has been invited by the Essex County Council Flood and Water Management Team to take part in the Where Does Water Go? Project. We have been selected because of the flooding issues within our area and hopefully this project will enhance our case to get the Environment Agency to put effective flood relief measures in place.

    The project aims to identify critical ordinary watercourses (ditches, culverts etc.) and their landowners, as well as educate the community about their riparian responsibilities. This information will assist with the understanding of your local drainage system as well as increase community engagement and where necessary the fire service can assist with their volunteer watercourse clearance programme.

    We need to find a group of at least 6 volunteers to take part in the project – but more is even better. The survey consists of collecting three pieces of data; location, condition and dimension. Volunteers will be provided with an afternoon of training and a survey pack with a thorough explanation of how to complete the survey. This will also include a short practical time at the end of the session where volunteers will complete a trial survey area. Once volunteers have completed this training it will be down to us to look over the information and organise our first survey day. The project will run from September to April, at this time watercourses are more visible due to vegetation die back and an increase in water.

    Please contact the Parish Council Office for further details and to volunteer your services.