Gardening Contract

    We had a very disappointing year with our floral displays, in our open spaces and with our hanging baskets in 2016. This was our first year with a new contractor, but as their performance was unacceptable, the contract was terminated and we went out to tender to find a new contractor.

    We are pleased to report that the contract was awarded to GWB Horticulture, who are based in Wenden’s Ambo although their owner, Gareth Broad, is a former resident of the village and knows the area very well.

    One of the main problems with our last contractor was that they were a large company and communications between the management and the workers delivering the service was very poor. GWB is a much smaller company, and Gareth is a very hands-on manager, so we are optimistic that given some favourable weather, they will produce some high quality displays for us all to enjoy this summer.

    In the past most of our flower beds have had bedding plants which last for the summer season and they are then dug up and replaced with a winter planting. In future, the intention is to plant perennials which will stay in place season after season and supplement these with bedding plants to add more colour and variety.