Keep Our Library Open Campaign

      What can you do to help?

    • Respond to the consultation by Essex County Council.  You have up until the 20 February 2019 to do so.  You can do this online at  Alternatively you can complete the survey by phone on 0345 603 763

    • Sign the petition Save our Essex Libraries at

    Maureen Caton , Chairman of the Parish Council, spoke at the beginning of the meeting of Uttlesford District Council on 3 December  to ask for their support in retaining Library in Stansted and help to create a vibrant Community Hub in the village for the south west of the district.

    Success! Later Uttlesford District Council voted unanimously for Geoffrey Sell’s motion to the council that the District should work with Essex CC, parishes, voluntary organisations and residents to maintain and enhance Library provision in Uttlesford. Even Cllr Susan Barker who holds the Library portfolio at Essex CC voted for the motion!