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Posted Wed, Sep 23rd 2009, 23:05


...comes at a price!  The 'superloo' in the Lower Street car park costs the district council £25,000 a year to maintain which, at a time when local authorities are feeling the squeeze and looking for cuts, makes it and others a potential target.  Locked into a long lease they are unlikely to be able to close this necessary convenience which only attracts spent pennies to the tune of 20% of its outgoings, so are likely instead to ask the Parish if they'd like to foot the bill for the Loo.

Should the Parish pay?

It's a sign of tough choices ahead and just another in a stream of services, such as PCSOs, youth services and street lighting, that that should be financed at district and county level, being pushed onto the Parish - or face loosing them.  The Parish does it's best to stretch the precept to these undoubtedly worthwhile services, but at a time when the village is set to grow significantly it's resources will be at the limit and obligations such as play equipment for our public spaces are left to be funded by grants and charitable subscriptions - if we're lucky.

It's an old dillema, cuts or higher taxes?  And as relevant to us at the most local level as it is at the centre of central government.

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