A campaign is underway to remind you to attend your Cervical Screening appointment


An important health campaign about Cervical Screening is now underway to encourage those eligible for screening to respond to their screening invitation letter, and to book an appointment with their GP practice if they missed their last screening.

Screening is available for women and people with a cervix aged 25-64.

Two women die every day from cervical cancer, yet it is one of the most preventable cancers. Around 2,700 women in England are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and it is the second most common cancer amongst women under 35 .

Screening helps prevent cervical cancer by checking for a virus called high-risk HPV which causes nearly all cervical cancers. This is the best way to find out who is at higher risk of developing the cervical cell changes that over time could potentially lead to cervical cancer.  Any cervical cell changes can be treated, preventing cervical cancer.

Life can be hectic and it’s easy to let your cervical screening appointment fall to the bottom of your ‘to do’ list, but it only lasts a few minutes – it’s a few minutes that could save your life.

If you’re embarrassed about cervical screening then you’re not alone. Talk to the nurse or doctor doing the test, who can help put you at ease.

M11 Update Northbound Diversion continues in February and March


Essential drainage renewal work by the National Highways Agency on the M11 northbound between junctions 7 and 8 that started back in December is still ongoing and is expected to be completed on Thursday 31 March, weather permitting.

Upcoming closures and diversions

To continue to carry out the work safely, we need to close the M11 northbound between junctions 7 and 8 on the following weekends:

  • Friday 25th February, 11pm to Monday 28th February, 5am
  • Friday 4th March, 11pm to Monday 7th March, 5am
  • Friday 11th March, 11pm to Monday 14th March, 5am

Whilst these closures are in place, northbound traffic will be diverted off at junction 7 onto the A414, A10 and A120 to re-join the M11 at junction 8.

There will also continue to be a 50mph speed restriction in place along with a lane 1 and 2 closure for the remainder of the project.

Emergency access during the weekend closures

As part of the weekend closures listed above, we will be carrying out full depth reconstruction work across the entire northbound carriageway. Due to the nature of this work, we will not be in a position to accommodate escorts for any emergency service vehicles and we kindly ask that on this occasion you follow the signed diversion route.

We understand this may come as an inconvenience to your crews but we believe this is the safest option.

How to find out more

To find out more about road improvements visit https://nationalhighways.co.uk/our-work/east/.

Alternatively call 0300 123 5000, or email at  info@highwaysengland.co.uk.


If you are struggling to support or cope with a problem drinker, then you may consider reaching out to Al-Anon Family Groups.

This charity supports people affected by someone else’s drinking by offering a year-round helpline and running more than 700 support groups nationwide, in addition to their website, pamphlets and brochures.

The nearest groups to Stansted are in Braintree, Chelmsford or Stevenage.

The organisation estimates for every problem drinker there are at least five other people affected by their addiction. The effects can range from financial problems to emotional upheaval. The charity says a recent report found 37% of domestic abuse cases were alcohol related.

Al-Anon has been operating in the Uk since the 1950s also offers runs a specialist service for teenagers affected by an individual’s alcoholism called Alateen.

You can find out more about the organisation either through its website www.al-anonuk.org.uk/

or by calling its helpline on 0800 0086 811 (10am-11pm), or by emailing the organisation directly.

An aerial shot of Stansted Mountfitchet


Let us know which you consider Stansted Mountfitchet to be by taking part in a short, single question poll.



Our population grew by close to 38% to 4,664 between 1961-1970, and 50 years on we are home to nearly 10,000 residents.

Against that backdrop, does the size of our population mean we should be thought of as a town, albeit one deserving of better community assets and transport infrastructure?

Or do our sports facilities, play areas, shops and public amenities mark us out as a village, albeit one with a large population?


The poll is part of the consultation we are currently holding with residents about the Development chapter of the Neighbourhood Development Plan. You can read more about the NDP by going to this page:


With Storm Eunice battering us this morning and a red weather warning in place for the south east of England, you can expect a certain degree of disruption to local services in our area.

Refuse collections

Residents who are due to have their bins collected on today may see a delay, depending on the severity of the storm in this area.

This will affect the following areas:

Stansted, Elsenham, Quendon and Rickling, Manuden, Farnham, Clavering, Berden, Great and Little Hallingbury, Hatfield Broad Oak, Hatfield Heath, White Roding and Leaden Roding.

As it stands, refuse collections will operate as usual tomorrow, as long as there is no risk to the safety of staff or residents. We will be reviewing in the situation in the morning and throughout tomorrow.

We are using our social media and e-newsletters to update residents, including the following information, which we are pushing today:

  • If your recycling bins are only half-full and you can manage, please consider waiting until the next collection when the weather is calmer
  • Don’t put the bins out the night before as this will minimise their exposure to high winds
  • Take the bins back within the boundary of the property following the collection as soon as possible
  • Don’t leave the bins anywhere near the highway which could cause a risk, and leave them within the boundary of the property

If collections are disrupted due to the weather tomorrow, we will attempt to return on Monday for any missed collections. We will keep you updated.

General safety messages


Residents and workers across the district are encouraged to consider whether their travel is absolutely necessary, and where possible delay travel until such a time where the journey is without risk. Please keep an eye on travel news for updates.  We are aware that the QE2 and Orwell Bridges will be closed tonight in anticipation.

Power outages

In the event of a power outage, residents and businesses are advised to contact UK Power Networks.

The image below provides details on the various means of contact. Please help to share this within your parish if you have not done so already.

Road obstacles and fallen trees

where to report an obstacle will vary depending on the on the type of road it has obstructed. For obstructions on major roads, such as the M11 and A120, contact Highways England, for minor roads contact Essex Highways.

Further information

The district council are continuing to monitor the situation as it progresses and will provide further updates as necessary. Information is available our website – www.uttlesford.gov.uk/Storm-Eunice.

Further useful information for residents is also available on Essex County Council’s Facebook page. See https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=316163973876281&set=a.307367718089240.

A second survey is doing the rounds seeking your thoughts on bus routes in Stansted.


Bus services are being reviewed by the County Council and there are currently two surveys underway seeking the public’s thoughts on local routes.

We are encouraging residents and users of our local buses in particular to take part in both surveys, but especially this latest one that seeks your views on how the local bus network could be improved.

If you have internet access you can complete the survey at consultations.essex.gov.uk/iptu/bus-network-reviews-uttlesford

If you have no internet access you can still participate in the survey by using one of the computers available to the public at the Stansted Library. Parish Council and library staff will be on hand to help you should you need assistance.

The library is at the Mountfitchet Exchange (Crafton Green, 72 Chapel Hill, Stansted, CM24 8AQ) and is open Tuesdays (9am-1pm), Wednesdays (2-5.30pm), Thursdays (2-7pm) & Saturdays (9am-5pm).

You can read about the second survey that we publicised last month: stansted.net/news/bus-route-survey/

That survey can be completed at consultations.essex.gov.uk/iptu/uttlesford-bus-consultation-feb-2022/



You can let us know where you think is the best spot to plant an English oak tree in the village to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by taking part in our short poll.

Just click the link and answer a single question:


We will announce the results of the survey in a couple of weeks.


Residents with limited means of transport can now get help from Essex County Council to attend pre-booked Covid vaccination appointments.

The Essex Wellbeing Service is providing taxis so people without their own means of transport can attend vaccination centres free of charge, whether or not you are after an initial shot, or second or third booster jabs.

If you would like help getting to your Covid jab appointments, email provide.essexwellbeing@nhs.net or call 0300 303 9988.

The phone line is open Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 17:00 and from 10:00 to 14:00 on Saturdays.

Callers’ need will be verified, and they will be asked to provide their booking reference or a screenshot of their appointment confirmation.

Promoting Bus Survey


If you value the bus services running through the village, Essex County Council is keen to hear your views on its routes.

More than £9million is spent by the County Council on supporting bus services that would not otherwise operate.

Where no commercial service is provided, the County Council has a duty to consider whether one is needed and if, in the Council’s view it is and there is budget to do so, then Essex County Council should seek to provide it. In fact the majority of routes in Uttlesford are seen as not commercially viable and depend on County Council funding.

Five of the bus services run by the County Council will see their contract expire on 31 July this year. The Council is proposing to tender for enhanced services for these routes, one of which is the 301 service that runs through Stansted, between Bishop’s Stortford to Saffron Walden. A revised timetable is being proposed of 4 extra buses to Bishop’s Stortford to Saffron Walden and 5 extra the other way, but services times could well change too.

We are encouraging users of this service to participate in ECC’s questionnaire before it closes on Monday, February 28:

The questionnaire will inform the County Council’s review of these services. The intention of the consultation is to grow passenger numbers through changes to the bus network after the Covid pandemic affected passenger number in the last two years.

The Parish Council hope to offer the chance to those not online to participate in the consultation by providing hard copies of the questionnaires shortly.


  • ECC contracted Service 5 –  Bishop’s Stortford to Stansted Airport – Monday to Saturday, operated by Stephenson’s of Essex
  • ECC contracted Service 6 – Saffron Walden to Stansted Airport – Monday to Saturday, operated by Stephenson’s of Essex
  • ECC contracted Service 301 – Bishop’s Stortford to Saffron Walden – Monday to Saturday, operated by Stephenson’s of Essex
  • ECC contracted Service 313/313a – Saffron Walden to Great Dunmow – Monday to Saturday, operated by Stephenson’s of Essex
  • ECC contracted Service 59/60 – Audley End to Haverhill – Monday to Saturday, operated by Stephenson’s of Essex

If you have any queries please contact passenger.transport@essex.gov.uk