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Broadband Survey

 It’s time to have your say in Essex County Council’s Broadband Survey, which gives you the chance to register your demand for faster broadband.

Mar 18, 2021 Issue 4 Note: Click the date highlighted above to download the issue

Lockdown Easing

England is still in a national lockdown.  Please therefore stay at home, leaving only where permitted by law and follow the rules.

Lockdown Support Fund

Essex County Council is extending its 2021 Lockdown Support fund to allow foodbanks, food pantries, community organisations, schools and voluntary groups to provide food support throughout the current lockdown.

Holiday Fraud

As holidays bookings surge after lockdown exit plans were announced, think twice before handing over money and personal details when booking holidays this year.

Census 2021

Help is on hand in March ahead of Census 2021, which needs to be completed by next month. Residents can sign up for virtual census support events hosted by the Office for National Statistics.

Click the date highlighted in green text to download the issue Mar 10, 2021 Issue 3  

Playground Warning

Our handyman is urgently fixing a swing at the Mountfitchet Play area – the second such repair in the last 2 weeks. The first incident at Bentfield Green appeared to show the bolts on a swing had been deliberately loosened. The Council undertakes full weekly inspections of all our equipment and our now increasing the […]