Knights Appeal


Eagle-eyed residents will have spotted the Knight sign has vanished at High Lane junction.

Both of Stansted’s Knights are to get a fresh lick of paint for two summer garden competitions – Stansted in Bloom and the Anglia in Bloom.

The sign at the north end of the village on inspection was found to need a great deal of attention after it was taken down and inspected in January.

The elements have taken their toll since this Knight was last fixed in 2002. The repairer Charnwood Antiques report the sign is riddled with rot — the entire board and frame need replacing as well as the bottom rim of the central board.

The sign seems to date from 1982 and was paid for by 2 members of the Stansted & District Chamber of Trade. The sign at Blythwood Gardens junction, meanwhile, dates from the Queen’s Silver Jubilee in 1977 and was paid for by donations from residents and businesses in the village. By the time of the Golden Jubilee in 2002 both signs were in a poor state of repair and were replaced at a cost of £3,000.

The total cost of the restoration this time around for the northern Knight is £1,650. The original estimate was £1,100 but that was before the significant additional damage was spotted in the workshop. Committed funds of £1, 400 have come in from a National Lottery award, District Councillor ward grants and County Councillor community grants. Another grant is expected from one of the other District Councillors to cover the out-standing amount.

The Blythwood Garden sign, though in better condition, will undergo some preventive restoration work. If you would like to contribute to its refurbishment contact the Council.