The Stansted Business Forum celebrated 10 years of success last week.


The Chair of the Parish Council, Maureen Caton, had an opportunity last Friday to congratulate the Stansted Business Forum on their 10th anniversary of representing the interests of local firms and enterprises.The Parish Council and SBF have co-operated closely on matters affecting the local business community. For example, the Forum have supported and arranged the Parish Council’s Christmas Fairs and Summer Fairs, which have proved a useful means of encouraging residents and members to promote business activities in Stansted.

The Parish Council, for its part, proved instrumental in getting the forum up and running by deciding to host and organise the very first Christmas Fairs.

The two parties have also worked closely to set up the Economic Development Working Group. This body continues to find look into local problems affecting local businesses such as parking and flooding.

Parish Council Chair Maureen Caton said: “We have also brought awareness of funding opportunities to the Forum’s attention, while the forum has helped sponsor our events and activities.”

She added: “The SBF perform an excellent job of supporting local businesses. We wish them continued success.”

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