Parking consultations are underway in two parts of the village


We are applying to the North Essex Parking Partnership for several parts of the village. As two of the proposals have potential ramifications for residents outside the proposed areas, we are asking for your thoughts on the implementation of waiting restrictions on Chapel Hill and at Foresthall Park. Email



RESTRICTION The first proposal concerns the implementation of No Waiting at Any Time restrictions on the corners of Bentley Drive with Bayford Way. The red lines in the image above show the restrictions would run on the road corners, and the full length of the frontages of houses number 1 and 2 on Bayford Way and also the for the full length of the houses 2 to 6 on Bentley Drive.

REASON Cars parked on the corners of Bentley Drive have the potential to cause traffic accidents by obscuring the views of drivers and pedestrians, while the parking of cars can lead to the narrowing of the road. This not only impedes the the progress of passing traffic, but risks blocking access to  emergency service vehicles



RESTRICTION The second proposal calls for No Waiting at Any Time restrictions from the end of the current restriction on the boundary between house numbers 53 and 55, going uphill to the start of the yellow hatched lines outside the fire station. Chapel Hill is an extremely busy road for both vehicles and pedestrians accessing village schools, shops and services. It is also frequently used by the Fire Service.

REASON: A particular pinch point is coming uphill just before the fire station where traffic has to come out and around the parked cars. Once this is negotiated drivers find themselves upon a zebra crossing which is hidden from view until that point. Pedestrians regularly complain that cars do not stop at this crossing.