Join our Climate Change Community Group and help fight climate change


We are starting to see the effects of climate change and declining biodiversity.

Because of this the Parish Council has joined others in declaring a climate change and biodiversity emergency.

As part of the Council’s initiatives to take action on this front, we are setting up a Climate Change Community Group.

We believe as a community we can act and make a difference at a local level by taking small actions together to bring about significant overall change.

What will the group do?

The focus of the Community Group is to work on events, campaigns and workshops that will more reduce our carbon footprint and improve biodiversity locally.

The group will work independently, but with the support of the Parish Council.

Who can join?

Any resident* over the age of 11* is welcome who:

• Has the passion and drive for the Climate cause

• Wants to inspire and engage with the local community

• can plan and execute projects focused on climate change and biodiversity

Interesting in signing up?

If you have any questions or wish to join please email our Project Officer:

We will hold an introduction meeting for interested residents soon.


  • *Any resident or representative from businesses or organisations in Stansted or the surrounding area. The age restriction is based on the minimum age for members of our Youth Council.