Covid-19 Delivery arrangements
Community Agents Essex will continue to support people through these challenging times. The escalation of the coronavirus crisis and the updated advice from the Government about self-isolation and reducing non-essential and social contact will however necessitate a temporary change to the way we work.
Please be assured that all agents must abide by government guidance regarding self-isolation should they or someone close to them suffer any symptoms. They will also social distance if they have an underlying need to do so.
As from today we will stop all non-essential visits within a client’s home or public place. Should an agent feel a visit within the home is essential with a person who is social distancing they must agree this in advance with their Service Coordinator
Any such visits will be subject to some assessment questions prior to the visit to protect their health. No face to face contact will be permitted where a client shows symptoms and/or is self-isolating. All visits will be subject to agent availability.
As from today we will start to make welfare telephone calls to previous clients we feel may be more isolated and anxious. These will generally be those clients living alone or caring for someone within their home.
We will still accept enquiries for support through the existing Community Agents Essex pathways. Alternatively anyone aged over 18 and live in Essex (excludes Southend and Thurrock) you can contact us.
Call: 0300 303 9988 (Monday to Friday from 8am – 7pm)
If you are a Health or Social Care professional who wants to refer someone, please use the contact details above.
All enquiries will be responded to as soon as possible by phone to ensure that the client knows that we have received their enquiry. Where possible we will be providing support remotely by phone. Agents will be updated by email or social media about public health advice. They will continue to have an awareness of what local organisations are offering to support people with the symptoms or self- isolating.
In addition to previous support we will now be accepting requests to pick up essential shopping, medication and/or post letters. Our aim will be to make connections with local volunteers and to work with local organisations to pick up shopping, medication and leave it outside and/or post letters.
Where no volunteers or local community support can be found agents will be permitted to pick up shopping, medication and leave it outside and/or post letters left outside. To enable this we have developed some protocols to minimise any risks. posed by the transfer of the virus or the payment of goods by either cash or cheque. This support will be subject to agent availability.