Community Reassurance

Calming Words

Some words of appreciation are in order for our local policing team, who have been busy calming waters at the Youth Centre.

The centre on Lower Street has been disrupted by youths from Bishop Stortford and Harlow in recent weeks. 

In a textbook operation of community policing, Special Constable Steve Dale and Police Community Support Officer Alex Stewart regularly visited the spot to build up a rapport with youngsters, playing pool and offering a friendly ear, while offering advice to the centre’s staff. 

The Youth Centre has reported the police officers’ reassuring presence has been enough to discourage troublemakers from outside Stansted returning.

Such incidents not only remind us of the need to fund local police services – Steve and Alex are both parish-funded we might add – but once again underline the importance of forging good relations with our younger residents.

So forgive us for taking this chance to encourage anyone under the age of 18 living in Stansted (or attending a local school or college) to consider joining either the Youth Club or our Youth Council.