This image is of Stansted Mountfitchet and the location of the various highways issues affecting the village including calls for improved footpaths, a crackdown on HGV passing through the village, and parking consultations in Foresthall Park


Our Highways sub-committee met in October to discuss the various traffic issues currently impacting on Stansted. Here is a round-up of the key points raised.

Grove Hill & HGVS

Residents of Grove HIll are to be updated by Essex County Cllr Ray Gooding on efforts to solve traffic problems in their area. Essex Highways’ strategy to reduce HGV traffic in our village depends on identifying alternative routes for HGV use that wouldn’t impact nearby villages. One alternative – Hall Road – has recently suffered three serious accidents and subsequent safety investigations need to be completed before it can be considered viable.

Grove Hill & Traffic Lights

The solution to drivers jumping the traffic light at the foot of Grove Hill is not another set of lights further up the road. Essex Highways (EH), who have looked at doing this, say this would only add to road safety problems in the area. An existing safety concern is the presence of traffic cones running along the kerbs of Grove Hill. EH say these are illegally sited and need to be removed, warning that putting cones out in this manner is prosecutable.

Soil Dumping

Locations such as Gypsy Lane & May Walk are being used to dump soil waste. Neighbouring villages are also being affected. Essex County Council has proposed a multi-agency summit involving the Highway Agency, the Environment Agency and the district council to tackle the problem. Suggested solutions at this stage include swoops on construction sites to read the tacho metres of HGVs.

Old Bell Close

Essex County Councillor Ray Gooding is to chase Affinity Water for a response after continued flooding outside one property following repairs in the area by the utility company. The matter has already been raised with Affinity Water but no response has been forthcoming.

Foresthall Park Consultation

The working group of councillors and residents set up to explore options to tackle parking issues at Foresthall Park has conducted two fact-finding walkabouts of the development. Once it has settled on its proposals for different areas of Foresthall, it will launch a consultation with residents before settling on its preferred solutions.

Double Yellows

After being raised as an issue by residents, the Parish Council is to apply to the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) for double yellow lines to be introduced along Bentfield Road from its junction with Bentfield Gardens to Bentfield Causeway. Residents say the recent growth of non-residential parking has impacted on sight lines and road safety. A consultation will be needed and the final say to grant approval, or not, lies with the NEPP.

20s is Plenty

The merits of 20mph speed limits on certain roads in the village were discussed at the meeting with a resolution made to apply to Uttlesford Local Highway Panel to fund a feasibility study into a 20mph limit for Lower Street, Chapel Hill, and Church Road. The Parish Council has already submitted a proposal for traffic calming and crossing points to be introduced along High Lane.

Footpath Improvements

A proposal is to be made to the Uttlesford Local Highway Panel to widen and improve the surface of a section of the footpath on Cambridge Road (towards High Lane). The Parish Council will also apply for S.106 money (held by Essex Highways for highway work tied to Foresthall Park) to improve the footpath along Church Road. Updates on previously submitted proposals for a crossing on Silver Street, town twinning signs and work to High Lane’s footpath are being sought.


The minutes of the Highways Meeting on October 19, 2022 can be accessed at