Bloor Homes has LOST its appeal to build 166 houses near to Pennington Lane.

The planning inspector announced his decision today.

The Council would like to thank the community’s support in opposing this development and backing the Save Stansted Village campaign.

“The main issue in this appeal is the effect of the development proposed on the character and appearance of the site and surrounding landscape.

The benefits of the scheme are significant. I am particularly mindful in this regard, of the market, affordable and self-build housing that would be provided at this time of undoubtedly pressing need. However, those benefits do not, even collectively, overcome the very substantial weight I attach to the harms identified as being consequential on the development proposed. In my view, the adverse impacts in this case significantly and demonstrably outweigh the benefits when assessed against the Framework taken as a whole.” (Point 61 page 11)

Jonathan Price, Inspector

You can read the inspector’s statement here: