hotline number


Do you know you can call a special hotline to tackle incidents of poor parking that you suspect may be linked to a car owner wanting to avoid airport parking fees?

By dialling 0800 731 2385 you will speak directly to the Stansted Airport authorities. They will use the information to compile the data needed to apply for permanent restrictions in areas affected by problem parking associated with the airport.

It may not provide a short-term fix to being blocked in your drive by a holiday maker’s car, but calling the hotline could see your parking woes, and those of your neighbours, resolved for good in the long term.

Short-term remedies

When seeking a more immediate solution to a problem caused by inconsiderate roadside parking, it may help to understand the legal context.

Parking is permitted on a road if there are no displayed restrictions and the vehicle is not causing an obstruction, ie within 20 metres of junction, as per section 243 of the Highway Code. So even cars parked up on a kerbside would have to be impeding access along the pavement for pedestrians for action to be taken.

Also, be careful about leaving messages on windscreens. Leave too many, or write too hostile a note, and you could leave yourself open to the charge of harassment. It pays to remain calm and polite when challenging someone’s parking, no matter how inconsiderate the owner may have appeared to have been.

In cases where parking restrictions are in place, or a car is preventing pedestrians using the pavement, then you would be advised to contact the North Essex Parking Partnership (NEPP) supplying them with details of the car registration. NEPP can get a ticket issued or a vehicle removed, among other remedies.

Another avenue to redress is to contact Special Police Constable Steve Dale. He is able to issue a notice reprimanding owners of cars that have been parked inconsiderately or have caused an obstruction warning that future instances of poor parking could result in a Fixed Penalty Notice or even a court summons.