Lockdown Support Fund

Essex County Council is extending its 2021 Lockdown Support fund to allow foodbanks, food pantries, community organisations, schools and voluntary groups to provide food support throughout the current lockdown.

This funding is for the provision of food for families with children and individuals from across Essex County Council local authority areas who are most in need and have adversely impacted by Covid-19.

Applications will be accepted for up to £3000. Please ensure that the amount you request in your application reflects the local need, the number of hampers that you will be supplying and the families with children you will be supporting.

You will need to tell us how many hampers / packages you expect to be able to provide with this funding. We do not expect to allocate more than £15 per hamper, apart from in exceptional circumstances. This funding will until Friday  April 16, 2021, when all money must be spent.

We understand that you may need to provide support to a family on more than one occasion during this period but please make this clear in your application.  We request that at least 80% of your grant be spent on families with children.

We are keen that everyone who needs it, has access to support during this period and so we will be sharing details of organisations who receive funding through the grant, so that families and individuals know where they can go for support.

All successful applications will be required to complete Essex County Council monitoring form.

The window for applications will open on Tuesday 9th March and remain open until 12 noon on Wednesday 31st March 2021. Please complete the application form linked below and return to louise.gambardella@ealc.gov.uk.