Voted changes have been announced by Central Government.


Voters will need to show a form of photographic ID at election stations in May. A list has now been provided by the district council of the types of I.D. that will be accepted by voting officials. You will need to get a Voter Authority Certificate if you don’t have a valid photographic I.D.


Accepted forms of photographic identification

To vote at a polling station, you must present one of the following:

  • Passport issued by the UK, any Channel Islands, the Isle of Man, A British Overseas Territory, an EEA state or a Commonwealth country
  • Driving licence issued by the UK, any Channel Islands, the Isle of Man or an EEA state
  • Biometric immigration document
  • Identity card bearing Proof of Age Standards Scheme hologram (a PASS card)
  • Ministry of Defence Form 90 (Defence Identity Card)
  • Blue Badge
  • National Identity Card issued by an EEA state
  • Older Person’s Bus Pass
  • Disabled Person’s Bus Pass
  • Oyster 60+ Card
  • Scottish National Entitlement Card issued in Scotland
  • 60 or Over Welsh Concessionary Travel Card
  • Senior SmartPass or Blind Person’s SmartPass issued in Northern Ireland
  • War Disablement SmartPass or War Disabled SmartPass issued in Northern Ireland
  • 60+ SmartPass issued in Northern Island
  • Electoral Identify card issued in Northern Ireland
  • Voter Authority Certificate (VAC) or a temporary VAC

If your photographic identity has expired, it will still be accepted if the photograph is still a good likeness of you.

You may be required to provide further proof of identity if there is a discrepancy between your name shown on the form of identity and the name you claim to be.

What if I don’t have any I.D.?

Anyone who does not have the appropriate photo voter ID, can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate (VAC).

This is free and most people would apply via the government website:

Or you can complete a paper application form (PDF) [170KB] and send this to the Electoral Services Team, Uttlesford District Council Offices, London Road, Saffron Walden, CB11 4ER.

If you need any help with applying for a Voter Authority Certificate or want to request an application form, Contact Electoral Services.

You do NOT request one if you do have suitable photo ID like a photo driving licence, passport, bus pass, blue badge etc – these being the most common we shall see.

It does NOT matter if the ID has expired as long as the photo is still a reasonable likeness to the voter.