You may be aware that announcements regarding future development in Uttlesford have been delayed again by the District Council.

We have decided to push ahead and are now finalising the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan ready for submission to Uttlesford District Council but before we do that, it would help to have your views on a number of matters.


1 Should any development which risks coalescence with a local village or town be strongly opposed?

2 If you want or need to move home within the village, what size property would you be considering?

3 Do current prices for housing prevent you from renting or buying in Stansted?

4 Would you be prepared to pay a little more for a new house which was designed to be carbon neutral and more energy economic?

5 Are you considering purchasing an electric car or van? If not, why not?

6 If a new multi-purpose community centre could be built in Stansted, what activities would you want to take part in that are not currently available here?

7 What sports would you or your family take part in if the necessary facilities could be provided?

8 How important to you is the view from the west of Stansted looking across the Stort Vally to Hazel End?


The easiest way to feed your thoughts back to us is by clicking on the link below and taking part in our online poll:

We would prefer to receive your reply by emailing us at parishcouncil@stansted.net so that the content (but not your personal details) can be included in our evidence base for the Inspector.

We will also be featuring these questions on our Facebook page and you are welcome to leave a comment under the relevant posts.

Another option is to check out our pages in the August edition of the The Link where we will also be publishing these questions.