Newman’s Plantation is benefiting from a replanting drive over the next couple of weekends when the Parish Council takes delivery of hundreds of trees from the Essex Forest Initiative.

Trees in the Plantation have been struck by Ash dieback and had to be felled. More than 100 saplings, all native species, will be bedded to take their place.

So this can happen on Saturday volunteers will be at Newman’s Plantation preparing the site, clearing undergrowth of weeds and brambles. Next weekend they will be back planting the saplings.

The volunteers’ hard work will ensure Newman’s Plantation remain in a healthy, vibrant natural environment for wildlife that residents can enjoy in the future.

The work at Newmans is part of a wider effort across the county to plant more than 375,000 trees under the Essex Forest Initiative over the next five years to fight climate change.

Also on January 22 at the Plantation, the Parish Council offers residents a chance to play their part in tackling the environmental crisis, when it gives away up to 200 trees and shrubs — for free!

You can bed your free tree (or shrub) on your own property, or at a site where you have permission to plant. Volunteers from the Parish Council will oversee the tree-giveaway between 11am to 1pm. You will be able to take up to 3 shrubs/trees per individual or household.

You can find out more about the Essex Forest Initiative at