News of repairs to the village knight sign, this year’s Stansted in Bloom and land at Elms Farm and Walpole Meadows from Open Spaces Chairman Alan Barnes

I am pleased to report that our efforts to resolve the issues around the POS at Elms Farm and Walpole seem to be making headway at last.

Emma Blazeby has confirmed that Crest have initiated corrective land works at Elms Farm and have contracted NAIO Environmental Ltd, through their agents ManCo, to commence works which will include specimen tree replacement, whip management and replacement, weed killing and mechanical rotavating. The land will then be de-lumped and scrapped to even out the surface and improve future landscaping opportunities.

This first phase of the corrective action should take a further two weeks. NAIO have also been contracted to provide long term maintenance of the whip line by weedkilling, mulching and both short and long term watering.

Blazeby also undertook a site visit to the Walpole allotments following a request by the Parish Council to Uttlesford District Council that they consider an early transfer of the allotments ahead of the other areas on Walpole Meadows. She reported that currently she is not prepared to sign off on the allotments due to their unsatisfactory condition.

She also remarked that Bloor were unlikely to pay separate legal costs for these and the other POS areas on Walpole. She is trying to arrange a further site visit to resolve these and other issues with Bloor Homes, our District Councillors for the north wards of the village and UDC Officers.


Our ongoing communications with UDC have failed to yield any significant financial movement concerning the terms and conditions of any lease arrangements for Mountfitchet Green. However, I do expect a final and positive position on this matter to be agreed in the near future. A leasing arrangement will be advantageous to SMPC as it removes the need for licences to be obtained for each and every improvement we want to introduce on Mountfitchet Green.

Following a final mulching of the specimen and other new trees planted at Newman’s Plantation, I think we can finally conclude this project is, for now, finished. This work has included, tree felling, ground clearance, tree and whip planting, steaking, guarding and mulching and I would like to thank all those involved in this project including Officers, volunteers and Councillors. I hope the level of support we received on this project will be matched on other similar projects in the future.


The Knight sign at the lower street junction with the B1383 at Walpole Meadows is still under repair. Unfortunately the delay was due to illness although work has now recommenced. I would like to thank District Councillor Dean for paying for this repair from his new homes allowance.

Laila Azure-Marxen, committee & project support officer, and I met with Tom Moat of the Essex Forest Initiative and explored opportunities within and around the village for tree/hedge planting and general reforestation. Others wanting to involve themselves in this project are welcome to join us.

As you may have seen on social media, Stansted in Bloom will be running again this year. Trevor Lloyd has taken on the organisation of this year’s competition and has pulled together new and ex-SIB team members in its organisation. Any support Councillors can give to this activity would be much appreciated.


Last but not least, I would like to acknowledge and thank Lois and George for their efforts in the organisation and day management of the recent Council facilitated Litter Pick. With over 40 volunteers taking part not only did this activity collect a remarkable amount of rubbish from around the village but, hopefully, it raised the awareness of Stansted residents to the benefits of a cleaner environment. Hopefully this activity and result will encourage others to involve themselves with the Stansted Litter Pickers going forward.