Potholes & Broken Lights

The council urges residents to report broken lights, pot holes and problems with rights of way at beta.essexhighways.org/tell-us or by calling 0345 603 7631

The Parish Council has recently received an update from Uttlesford District Council concerning reported issues for Public Rights of Way, Street Lighting and Highways.  The figures show a steady increase in reported issues over the past few years and there is concern that reported problems are not being dealt with by Essex County Council, or that there is a lack of preventative maintenance.

The figures reported by ECC show that there were 212 reported Highways issues in 2016, 350 in 2017, 417 in 2018, 456 in 2019 and 493 in 2020.  On the one hand this is good news in that the problems are being reported, but we don’t want our corner of Essex to be overlooked, so please do let ECC know of any problems that you find rather than relying on these being picked up by a potential routine patrol.

The web portal to report any defects found on local roads, street lighting and the many public rights of way that we’re fortunate to have in our area can be found at beta.essexhighways.org/tell-us.  If you see an urgent problem then please call direct on 0345 603 7631.  In addition to this we are now in the time of year when potholes can appear overnight, so please report early and report often!