Race to Rungis

To mark Mental Health Awareness week, Let’s Talk Stansted has been busy running a Race to Rungis.

Today the group’s Richard Haywood visited the Parish Council’s offices to report on the event and shot footage to be shared with Rungis Regional Council, which has been very supportive of the initiative.

Participants of the Race to Rungis clock up miles walking the lanes, roads and countryside in and around Stansted.

The distance of each individual’s walk (or run or cycle) is tallied together with those of other participants as they work towards the target of 600 miles.

That is the the actual length of the roundtrip from Stansted to the French town we are twinned with. So far people taking part are well over half way and have marked up 430 miles.

The initiative has been organised by Let’s Talk Stansted, with assistance from the twinning committee of the two councils.

Those involved in the walk have been encouraged to capture pictures of their surroundings as they put the miles on the clock, and include some of the group’s 350 members as well as over 100 pupils at the Magna Carta Primary School.

If you would like to join them, or wish to follow their progress, visit the Let’s Talk Stansted page on Facebook or by visit the group’s website: