Play equipment is to be installed in the play areas on the Mountfitchet Estate. The public are invited to help decide on their preferred type of equipment.

Stansted Mountfitchet Parish Council recently became responsible for the green spaces at Foresthall Park including maintenance and improvement of the playgrounds.

Stansted Mountfitchet Parish Council has recently sent out a letter to residents on Reeve Road regarding the re-instalment of the old play equipment. The letter provided a plan for the unused play area space, with the wording “to be decided on”. The Council believes that residents and potential users of the playground should be able to voice their opinion on the type of new play equipment being installed. We have sourced four different options which are all suitable for the available space. There are four options available, and members of the public are invited to download and read the document below and let the Council know their preferences:

The re-instalment of the Reeve Road playgrounds is part of a wider plan to provide increased play equipment and socialising opportunities for the residents of Foresthall Park.

The Council believes that improving the local play areas will be beneficial for the community, making the outdoor space more enjoyable and inclusive for both children and parents alike.