Let us know your thoughts on our proposal to install new play equipment on Wilkin’s Crescent.

We are proposing to install new play equipment near Wilkin’s Crescent as part of a wider plan to provide increased play equipment and socialising opportunities for

the residents of Foresthall Park. This is a consequence of the Council recently becoming responsible for the green spaces at Foresthall Park including the maintenance and improvement of the playgrounds there.


• Within the fenced off area we will install a slide and a swing, suitable for children aged 2-6.These items are reused from Reeve Road and have been inspected and repaired prior to installation.

• On the outside of the fenced off play area we propose to install one new piece of equipment. This will be a trim trail with 8 different modules, suitable for children aged 6-12. The Council seeks the resident’s opinion on which modules to include in the design – please continue reading to find out how to participate in the public consultation!

The Council believes that the residents and potential users of the playground should be able to voice their opinion on play equipment being installed. We have sourced 16 different modules which provide climbing and balance challenges. To participate in the public consultation of the trim trail please do as follows:

• Pick your top 8 of the 16 options on page 2 of the pdf file:


• Send your response via email or by letter – see address below

• If you have any other comments, please include these as well

• Please respond by 22.08.2021

Send your email to laila.azure-marxen@stansted.net