Become a Youth Councillor and help shape a brighter future for young people


The Youth Council is on the look out for fresh talent to join them as they work on an agenda of action for younger residents of the village.

Times are tough for many young people: recovering from the isolation of lock downs, home schooling giving way to catch up classes and extra home work; the relentless pressure to pass exams, get into uni, work or training and all the while struggling to find your place in the world

But if you want our community to be a kinder, more fun to place to grown up, why not consider becoming a youth councillor?

As a Youth Councillor you can get involved in decisions that have a positive impact on young people’s lives in Stansted.

Not only can you guarantee young people’s voices are heard, but you can develop key skills as a public speaker and team player. Previous Youth Councillors have delivered real improvements for young residents by, for example, persuading the Parish Council to improve its play grounds.

The skills and confidence gained as Youth Councillor have allowed others to step up to represent the community on the the Essex Youth Council and take the first steps into party politics.

The only requirements to serve as a Youth Councillor are that you need to be aged between 11-18; and live, work or study in Stansted.

So if you would like to have a say in how the Parish Council tackles climate change, plans for cycling routes, or act as a channel between young people and local community policing teams, while ensuring young residents’ mental health needs are not ignored – contact us at or message us on instagram @stanstedyouthcouncil.